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One of our goals at I Stand With All is to give everyone a subtle way to express their support for any marginalized group, whether it may involve race, gender, sexual orientation, identity, physical/mental ability.  We have zero-tolerance for racism, homophobia, xenophobia, Islamophobia, and the list goes on. We believe in equality and social justice.  To Stand With All means no one gets left behind. We need complete unity. We don't have complete unity until BLACK LIVES MATTER, not until TRANS LIVES MATTER. No one gets left behind.

We pledge our efforts to continue to educate ourselves and the community and use our voice to dismantle racism. We need change. Our one passion can be simplified to helping people in need, without giving a second thought as to whom they identify as, the color of their skin, whom they love, or who they are or want to be. Another one of our biggest goals at I Stand With All is to give our kind customers peace of mind that their hard-earned dollar is being put to good use in an ethical way.

We are here to help, and in our passion to bring communities closer to look out for each other we hope to inspire you to stand with all until NO ONE is left behind.

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